May 012011


Some people might look at this, and see a slightly mish-mashed photoshop of three different event wins that we had today.  Some might see bragging rights, or maybe even an announcement to the world that says, “Look how much ass we kicked!”  But what do I see, you might ask?

I see “a vagina that smells like fish and is full of sand.”

I feel like that should be some kind of allegory for something, but I’ll be damned if I know what.

Apr 162011

So, as per usual, I’ve been slacking about getting updates done – one of my numerous character flaws, I suppose.  We’ve beaten MC and are just farming our way through some SS keys.  Then we’ll be on our merry way through that, should be another week or two to have the entire roster flagged.

Recruitment!  We’re currently looking for…

  • 2 high play time, reasonably well geared paladins.  (A well skilled player will compensate for a lack of gear, BTW).  Super high priority right now.
  • 1-2 Bards
  • 1-2 Mages
  • 1 high play time enchanter.

Apply today!

Feb 212011


Another one of these, “I have no screen shots, I’m lazy, I have work to pretend to be doing, STOP JUDGING ME!” posts.  Mirgul’s is down, and we’re working on Fear and farming – ah, the gel that holds that unmanageable jewfro that is a guild together in a somewhat coherent order.

We’d still like to see some more bard & shaman apps, and we’re pretty light on mages so would welcome one or two of those just to have a big, fluffy roster distribution.  Apply today!

Too much heaven on their minds

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Feb 182011

You know how it’s only the most amazing and unbelievable experiences of your life that you have no proof for?  The pity-fuck when you were 19 and drunk – that one, you’ll always have the herpes from as definitive proof. The time you got to cop a feel on Scarlett Johansson?  Sorry, that only exists in your mind, so it never happened.

That’s sort of what T3 is for us right now… to put it in simpler terms, I’ve been slacking off about taking screenshots.  That’s a totally comparable situation to Scarlett, right?

Hot Upper: Down.

Al’Kabor: Down.

Miragul’s: …Fuck this raid right in its big stupid face.  Still working on it.