Recruitment Update

 Posted by on 2012-04-21 at 12:40 pm  General News
Apr 212012

Hellfire Club is in Open Recruitment!
This recruitment post is current as of 5/26/2012

We are currently refilling some spots due to LOA and retirements, and have opened up recruitment to near all classes, except for rogues and SKs, which we have plenty of.

We are rocking out VoA and are one of the top 15 progression guilds across all servers, but with a very casual atmosphere, relaxed raid schedule, and low attendance requirements.

We have a HIGH priority need for 1 or more of the following classes:

We’d really like to see more:

If your class isn’t listed here, we’d still like to see an application, but our AA count, gear quality, and raid experience bar will be a little bit higher.

Mar 212012

Big shout out to our raid leader for holding it together and keeping the event going smoothly, that has a LOT of individual parts to keep track of.

Want to be part of a winning team in raid progression with an easy, life-friendly raid schedule? We want to see a few more classes!
At the present time we need well geared, high AA count people familiar with high end raiding, of the following classes:
1 Enchanter
1 Wizard
1 Warrior
1 Paladin

We also wouldn’t mind seeing a high quality mage or druid app, if any are out there.
Visit our forums to apply.

VoA T4 recruitment

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Mar 022012

So we’re just wrapping up flagging and about to start in on T4.
We’d like to flesh out some roles we don’t have really complete coverage on (we have it, just not as thoroughly as we’d like)

1 enchanter
1 wizard
1 mage
1-2 shaman
1 rock star warrior
1 super rock star paladin
and as always, bards

Shine like Thunder, Cry like Rain

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Feb 052012

Well that was… interesting.

The cynic in my wants to say “wow that raid sure was an idiot test” but really it was just as much a test of simple human reflexes, so that’s not entirely fair.
Note to devs, though: challenge is fun. requiring people to pay attention and react is fun. making it so you can’t win an event if 1 person out of 54 doesn’t react properly in a 9 second window… not so much with the fun.

Current recruitment needs!
1 well geared high AA warrior who is serious about stepping up and being part of a front line tank team in a high end raid guild
1 well geared high AA ranger
1 well geared high AA mage
bards, being like pixie sticks and slabs of pepperoni, can never have enough of.

The Beast with… 54 backs, apparently

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Jan 122012

as is the habit of my laziness i didn’t get any screen shots, but HFC has beaten the Beast’s Domain raid.

just rolling right along, we are!

1 nicely geared mage, a beastlord or two, open season on bards – that’s pretty much it for recruitment for us presently.